minxaftercareWe hope you enjoy your Minx nails! You will find that your Minx will last about 4 to 8 days on the fingers, and up to 4 weeks on the toes. Don’t worry about getting your nails wet – Minx isn’t affected by Jacuzzis, swimming pools, bubble baths, or the beach!

If your Minx seems to be peeling a bit on the edge before you are ready to remove it, you can heat it up with a blow dryer and firmly press it back down.

When you are ready to remove your Minx, simply heat the Minx to soften by dipping your fingers into warm water or removing your Minx while in the midst of a warm bath or shower.

Once the Minx is warmed, simply break the seal between the coating and the side of the nail with an orange stick, and slowly peel the Minx off from side to side. Do not peel from the free edge to the cuticle area, or vice versa.

And, as a daily habit, we suggest massaging your favorite cuticle oil or cream into your skin and nails to keep them moisturized. Healthy nails are happy nails!